Friday, 14 February 2014

Let's Get Personal

I feel like to introduce myself :) I know it's a bit late. But I just realised that I haven't really told you how I end up in this cake decorating world. I hope my story can inspire some people, who might feel it is impossible to do something 'useful'. But remember, if I can...then you can! Happy reading :) xoxo

I was a full time mother of 3 boys aged 9, 6 and 2 yo before i started a business. People who knew me for a long time couldn't believe that i could really do this. You might wonder what kind of business i'm talking about? Let me take you to the time, long before it all started.

I always had a passion for cooking. That was why i took a diploma degree for Hospitality. Not long after I graduated, i was called to work at a Japanese Restaurant in CBD area, although my dream was to be an owner of a restaurant or cafe. Who would reject a position when you desperately look for a job, right?! I was working there for a year then I got pregnant :(

My husband and I decided that family came first before money. So i had been a stay at home mum from my first pregnancy up to third one. Who would have thought i'd have so many kids?! Lol...

Every year when we celebrated our kids' birthdays, my sister always made birthday cakes for my 3 boys.  How lucky i was :) However...when my second son nearly turned 6yo in September 2011, my sis told me she could no longer make cakes for my kids, as she was heavily pregnant at the time with the 2nd child.

That time i thought, how i wished she didn't fall pregnant ;p But i believe everything happens for a reason. My sis told me i should start learning to make cakes as i have 3 kids and my kids would be proud of me big time. I suddenly had the enthusiasm :) i really wanted to make a special cake for my son's 6th birthday.

So just within a week, I started learning how to make a cake using fondant (rolled sugar paste), i watched a few tutorials on Youtube and asked lots of questions to my sis :) i made Ethan a rectangle Spongebob Cake with hands and feet. Pretty simple, but Ethan made a really encouraging comment. He said to me in the morning when he saw his cake, "Mommy, this is the best birthday cake i have ever seen!" How sweet of him :) I then also made a birthday cake with an animal farm theme for my 3rd child in November 2011.

Just a month later, a friend who saw my creation on facebook asked if she could order a cake. I started with a very low price, just to cover the material costs. Then another friend ordered. After about 3 orders, i had an idea to make it as a proper business. I created a business name: Heavenly D'lights, a facebook page, a logo and business cards, which were also designed by my artistic sista.

As i mentioned earlier, people who knew me for a long time must be in doubt about me doing this business. Take note, I never liked sweets, i have never been an artistic person and i hardly made one successful cake! Even myself couldn't believe sometimes, how on earth i become a cake maker. Truly it is a miracle :)

In February 2012, i registered the business and i officially became an entrepreneur. Since we opened, the business has been a fast growing and a high demanded home based cake maker. I even had to turn down orders from time to time, as i could only take several numbers of orders every week.

Now i love my job!!! Although it is a hard and very time consuming job (baking the cake, levelling, filling, covering and decorating with fondant figurines), I can wow people when they pick up the cakes. It is a very rewarding feeling ;)

My business Heavenly D'lights is based in Melbourne and it specialises in fondant cakes and cupcakes for any occasions. I'm proud to tell you that one of my cakes were featured in Cake Masters Magazine on Best of 2012 and another cake also won a Cakeriffic Expo Prize 2013 for Professional Baker Category. Thank you for your time reading my story and don't forget to Like and follow :) xo

Instagram: #heavenlydlightsmelbourne

Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

This was my first attempt making Sugar Roses and Hydrangeas for a Wedding. I loved how this cake turned out. The bride and the groom's wedding theme was supposed to be purple. However, a few days before the wedding day, most of the room decorations were in pink. Not purple! This was because the bride's family came from overseas, and they decided on the decorations...ooppss!!! I was in quite a shocked, as the flowers were already made in purple.

I quickly made the roses buds in soft pink and luckily I had a 'purply pinkish' ribbon to add on top of the purple ribbon. The wedding turned out to be such a beautiful wedding with mixture of purple and pink. And of course my cake, turned out to be really suitable with the theme :)

The top tier was a Layered Sponge Cake with Rum and had the embroidery effects all around. And the bottom tier was dark choc mud. Happy Wedding to my Bride and Groom xo

Pikachu Cake

The parent of this birthday girl is really unique and creative, I guess. She wanted specifically a Pikachu figurine, wearing a minion overall, sitting on grass, holding a strawberry. What a cute idea :) Happy Birthday to Iris..xo

Avenger Themed Cake

This cake was for a boy who loved Avengers. The ironman, hulk and captain America were from fondant. The cake was sprayed to get the 'starry' effects. It was a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese.

Barbie cake

Barbie cake is the first thing that came to my mind when it comes to a girl birthday. I have never had a daughter, so I always wanted to make a barbie cake :) This cake was for a sweet little girl who turned 4. I had fun making this cake :) It was a mocha sponge with mocha buttercream.

Peppa Pig Cake

The client of this cake I reckon is my favourite client :) She ordered a Chanel Bag Cake for her sister in law last year. She was so happy with the cake that she told many of her friends about Heavenly D'lights :) And many did order through her referral. This year she wanted a Peppa Pig Cake and was really wrapped and amazed when she picked up the cake. She straight away told me, she wanted to book for next year, and it is not until December. Another 11 months to go LOL..She's such a sweet momma :) The cake was a chocolate cake with dark choc ganache.

Despicable Me Minion Cake

Josiah is a sweet little boy who turned 2. For his 1st I made him a monster cake. And this year, he wanted minions, balloons and stripes. There were a little drama with the figurines though. In the morning, I found the hand that held the balloons came off from the wire :( But thank God I managed to fix it just before delivery. I did ask the parents if the hand was ok after the party, and thank was fine the whole time during the party :) She was so happy and said it was delicious! 

Ben 10 Cake

This Ben 10 cake is made for my high school friend's son. She drove all the way from Reservoir to Hoppers Crossing just to taste my cake :) She was so happy with the overall cake. It was a Layered Sponge Cake filled with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Thomas The Tank Engine

Thomas the tank engine cake made for my special boy, Jethro. He loves Thomas. The thomas on top was quite big and heavy. It is made out of styro and fondant. Inside is dark choc mud, as he requested :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Christmas Collections



Made these cupcakes and mini cakes for my kids’ teachers as Christmas gifts. Not to mention, each also came with a bottle of wine :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Under the Sea Cake

Made this cake for a girl, who was born in the year of dragon. The parents requested a pastel aqua blue colour and some sea creatures of her favourites. It was a 10 inch green tea sponge with smbc.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hello Kitty with Ruffles

This was my first attempt making this style of ruffles with fondant. It was pretty simple, but really time consuming. I never thought it would take me a day just to do these ruffles. But the result was pretty amazing. I brushed each petal with pearl dust, which my camera didn't pick up too well. But the client loved it, which made all the hard work worthwhile :)

Disney Pixar cake

Disney Pixar Car Theme
Love making this cake. The cake was inspired by the pic provided by the client. I got the edible images from the local cake supply store. All figurines were from fondant. Inside is my signature Layered Sponge Cake with Rum.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Despicable Me Cake

Despicable Me is a very popular theme at the moment. I have done 3 minions cake in the past month. This cake was made for a girl who loves unicorn and minions. The cake was a 10 inch Vanilla Sponge with vanilla buttercream. The client said everything was perfect, which really made my day :))

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Church Anniversary cake

This was the biggest cake I did. The size was 20×10 inch. Thankfully it was covered in buttercream and topped with shredded cheddar. So I didn’t have to perfect the covering in fondant. The sugar flowers were arranged a day before it had to be delivered. I was so shocked to find that the flowers were all wilted away in the morning, due to the humidity. Thank God I made spares flowers :)

Ruffled Buttercream cake

This cake I made for my friend who loves a green tea cake. It was a surprise cake for her. Very simple yet beautiful. I wished I had a better camera though :(

Doraemon and Elmo

It was an 8 inch square cake, and I cut in halves. Cella loves purple and Doraemon, which is a Japanese cartoon character, and Ika loves pink and Elmo. They were happy with the cake :)

Purple Ombre

It was a Layered Sponge Cake with vanilla SMBC. The client loved the colours, the bunting idea and the taste. Excuse me for the bad photo, as it was such a cloudy day, I couldn’t get enough lighting :(

Minecraft Cake

Made this cake for my gorgeous son, Ethan. He loves Minecraft and has been playing it a lot. He requested a minecraft cake, which was very simple :) Wanted to make it more complicated, but he was happy with just the way it looked :)


This cake was made for my friend’s son. He loves Transformer. The figurines are real toys. The side decorations were from fondant. I used my son's transformer playdough cutter for the sides. It was a mocha sponge with mocha buttercream.

Dora the Explorer

The client told me to make a cake, based on her daughter favourite episode of Dora the Explorer. It was about Dora, who just came back from Grandma’s house. They brought lots of presents for Puppy, so Skipper got jealous.
She was surprised when she received the cake that told the story. It was a vanilla sponge cake, the house was also a vanilla sponge.

Car Toybox Cake

Made this cake for twins who love cars. It was a red velvet cake with cream cheese fillings. All decorations are from fondant.

Lego Ninjago

My client asked for a ninjago cake. She left the design to my expertise. My son helped me with the designs. He is full of ideas :) He drew the boat for me, told me it was great to have volcanos and ice bergs around the side. That’s what I did :) and my client and the birthday boy were really happy with the cake. Credit to my gorgeous boy, Tim.

Minion Cake

It was a 10 inch Dark Choc Mud Cake. The client was really happy to see this cake. She said everyone was amazed by the look and the taste :)

Thomas and Friends

The trains and all decorations were from fondant. My client praised me for all the great details and she said they look like real toys. Hard work pays off when they appreciate your creations :)

Superhero Minion

My client gave me the pic of this minion, dressed in a Superman costume. The cake was my signature layered sponge cake covered in shredded cheddar cheese.

Manchester United

The logo is handcut. It was hard I tell you. But happy it turned out great :)

Ferb and Phineas Cake

Never heard about this characters before. Thankfully I have an 8 and 10 yr old boys. They told me all I need to know to make this cake :) It was a Chocolate Mud Cake with choc ganache.

The Wiggles cake

This cake was based on ‘Racing to the Rainbow’ Wiggles Series. The client asked for any design with the Wiggles car on the top, and was really impressed that I came up with this idea, as it was not an ordinary design of The Wiggles cakes.

Racing Car Cake

The client of this cake loved my signature Layered Sponge Cake with Rum. She ordered 2 cakes within a week. All decorations are from fondant, except the racing flags.

Elmo Party Cake

This was a banana cake with banana buttercream. The clients praised how delicious it was :) The elmo head and body were made out of Styrofoam. For the side decorations, I used a party silicon mold.

Animal Safari Cake

I loved making this cake. The design and the colours of this cake are based on the birthday invitation. The animals are the birthday boy’s favourite animals. I made the bunting, which added a fun finish to the cake. It was a Layered Sponge Cake with vanilla smbc.

Hermes Paris Handbag Cake

The bottom tier is Indonesian Sponge Layered Cake. The bag is Dark Choc Mud. The silhouettes were each handcut. The client was really happy with the result and the taste :) This cake was also the winner of a Cakeriffic Expo for Professional Baker Category. I was so happy and excited about this :)) Thank you Lord..!

Back to Blogging

Hi friends...
It has been a while since I was active on this blog. Lots of things have been happening.

I have been very busy with my cake orders, that I really thank God for. Clients kept coming and they were good and happy clients too :) I have also finally got my Business Permit and Heavenly D'lights is now fully registered with Wyndham City Council...Yay..! Praise the Lord for a good and easy going officer. She was happy with the whole kitchen and approved me to trade immediately after the 2nd inspection.

Another great news is I will have another wedding cake order at the end of November. It will be a 3 tiered wedding cake, which I am quite nervous about it. As I recall, end of November last year, when I made my son's birthday cake, the weather got up to 41 degrees. I had such a nightmare in doing the Barney and Thomas cake on that day. Fingers cross!!! I pray really hard for a better weather this year!

Now bad news...we just lost our beloved step dad on 26th September. It was a shock to all of us, as he was a very healthy person. What I learnt from this is that we never know what and when the unexpected things happen. While we still live, live life to the full and always appreciate and cherise people who are close to us.

I decided to stop caking for a while after the passing of my step dad, so I can comfort my mum. I will start again this week. Now...let me upload heaps of my cake photos :) I know I should keep track with uploading it every week, but you can always check out my Facebook Page :) I'm quite up to date with Facebook :))

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Superhero Cake

Superhero cake was ordered for a boy who turned 7. They loved the cake and I really enjoyed making this :) All the figurines were made out of fondant mixed with tylose, The flavour was my signature Layered Sponge Cake with Rum.

Square Gift Cake

This cake was made for my Pastor's wife's birthday and was completed just under 3 hours (inc levelling, filling and ganaching). It was also my first try of spraying with pearl lustre which gave that shimmer look. Wasn't that easy, as some just came in a blotch. There must be a trick of spraying it smoothly. Well...better luck next time ;)

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