Monday, 6 April 2015

Twin Babies

Made this twin baby girls last week :) Many people commented on how real they look. Yet I can say, it's not as hard as you think! hehe...The photo of the cake will be coming soon :) Stay tune xo

Gold Sequins Wedding Cake with sugar flower

My project this week was to create a Rustic Wedding Cake with gold edible sequins and sugar flowers.
It was rather a cloudy day in Melbourne today, so my camera didn't really catch the shiny look of the airbrushed lustre on the cake. But...i had so much fun creating this 3 tier Golden wedding cake

Pink polkadots with sugar peony cake

I made this pink and polkadot cake with an open sugar peony especially for my beautiful mom, who celebrated her 61st birthday over the weekend :) Thank u mom for being such a lovely and caring person :) You are the best! God bless u and hope u enjoyed the cake xoxo

"One of your beautiful creations, Novita. Really loved it. Thanks for making this special's cake for me." - MOM

Lego Superhero Cake

This week's cake was a superhero lego theme made for Jazz. All the figurines and decorations were edible. Cake was Dark Choc Mud. Happy 5th Birthday Jazz :)

"Thanks Novita, was an amazing cake indeed, done so well, the kids thought it was "too cool for school" and adults appreciated the intricacy and of course flavour of it too, was moist, not overly sweet, just perfect, highly recommend Heavenly Delights to anyone that wants a cake for a special occasion, Novita is lovely too and very efficient with her communication, thanks again xxx" - Amelia

Super Mario Cake

Here is our first cake of 2015. Super Mario cake in white chocolate mud for a lovely boy, Max who turned 9. I
always love to deliver cakes to Max's family. They are one of the loveliest people i know :) very kind, generous and so appreciative. Thank you so much Lisa for always coming back to order from us xoxo

"Aww you are too sweet! We so appreciate your amazing talent and hard work you put into our cakes as they always make my children feel so special on their birthdays. Your masterpieces make our day! Not only does this cake look absolutely incredible, but it tasted just as good as well lol. Thankyou Novita, you did it for us again!!!!!!" - Lisa

Japanese theme cake

This cake was made for Xandra's 18th birthday. She loves Japanese theme and red colour. These sakura blossoms and the japanese anime figurine are just perfect for her :) I added gumpaste puppy which was also one of her wishes :)
The bottom tier was White Chocolate Mud and top tier was Red Velvet.

"Lovely you do an amazing job darling 10 thumbs up for you." - Patty

Giant Cupcake Cake

This 2 tier cake was made for a pretty little girl, Ruby who celebrated her 1st birthday with Cupcake Themed Party. Loved the colour combination that the mum chose. The bottom tier was Lapis Surabaya and the giant cupcake was Coffee sponge cake. God bless you Ruby xoxo

"Amazing!! Thank you so much for making this beautiful cake for Ruby." - Irna

Frozen Themed Cake

I guess Frozen is still quite popular amongst girls :) this is my 5th Frozen themed cake, made for Thach who turned 7 today.
This vanilla butter cake was covered in vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream. The matching cupcakes were also vanilla. Elsa and Anna figurines were real toys.

"Hi Novita, the party was great!!! The kids loved the cake and the cupcakes so much. They r very nice. Thank u very much for it!!!" - Trang

Peppa Pig Cake

The client gave me freedom to create any design, as long as Peppa was wearing a crown and wings. I hope i delivered this well :) Cake was Lapis Surabaya with vanilla bean smbc and strawberry jam. Everything was edible. Happy 1st Birthday Clarise xoxo

"Very pretty n delicious cake, Novita. Thank you so much. Highly recommended!" - Esty

Under the sea Cake

Under the sea themed cake, specially made for Hanna who turned 9 today. Happy birthday Hanna. May God bless you xo
Bottom and top tier were Lapis Surabaya. All figurines were hand-modelled and edible.

"My kids were amazed to see how the picture become real and even better...
Hanna said "thank you tante Ita for making this awesome cake for my birthday :)" - Susana

Hawaiian Themed Cake

Hawaiian themed birthday cake in blue ombre buttercream. The cake was our signature Layered Sponge Cake or Lapis Surabaya. Happy 3rd Birthday Kaashvi :)

"Thanks a lot Novita for making beautiful cake for kaashvi's birthday.... it was just toooo yummmmmmmm n colourful :)" - Rupali

Dinosaur Cake

Made this cake for our little man's birthday :) Jethro turned 5 in November  and we thank God for giving this happy and smart boy into our family :) He loves Dinosaurs. So i  made this simple birthday cake, airbrushed it and stuck his dinosaurs toys around it. Done in less than an hour :)
May God always bless you and guide you to become a light and blessing to others around u Jethro! We love u xoxo

Frozen Buttercream Cake

This ever-popular Frozen themed cake was requested for my client's daughter who turned 5 today.
It was a simple Vanilla Sponge covered in vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Figurines were real toys. Thank you Rupali for your order again :))


Pororo Cake

I enjoyed making this 3D cake for my client's nephew Oliver, who loves Pororo and trains.
My client wanted to bring a surprise from Australia to Malaysia. So she thought a Pororo themed cake would be the way to go. So Pororo and friends had to endure a 7 hour flight last night! Lol...I hope these cute guys arrived safely :)
Cake was Mocha Sponge with Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Enjoy the cake Oliver :)

" Thank you for the cake. Thank you for organising the cake for me to take back to Malaysia for Oliver. Thank you for your excellent service. Oliver love his Pororo cake so much and also our family. Thank you for everything. " - Hoonming

Minnie Cake

Loved the colour combination of pink, white and green on this Minnie Mouse Cake :) The design was inspired by Daantjes Taarten on Pinterest. Both tiers were our signature Layered Sponge Cakes with SMBC.

"Thank you Novita. So beautiful & yummy cake! Thank u for accommodating my last minute order :)" - Alice

Route 66 Cake

This cake was requested by Sarah, who celebrated her birthday with husband Mark over the weekend. They both turned 30. I'm not sure what's the story behind this cake, but i guess they both love America smile emoticon
Cakes were Red Velvet and Dark Choc Mud. Happy 30th Sarah and Mark!

"Thankyou so much Novita for this wonderful piece of edible art!!! My hubby and i actually travelled Route 66 earlier this year so the design of the cake kept the memories of our wonderful journey alive for us :) All of our guests kept commenting on how amazing the cake looked and it tasted divine!!! You are certainly very talented! Thankyou again!" - Sarah

Frozen Cake

Frozen themed Cake requested by the client for her daughter, Eva who turned 5 yesterday. Design was inspired by Always With Cakes.
The top tier was textured and airbrushed with pearl lustre to give snowy and shiny look, which my camera didn't really catch it :( The bottom tier was Blue Velvet with cream cheese and top was Chocolate Butter Cake with chocolate smbc. The edible image of elsa was printed by Bakeboss.

"The cake was a massive hit! Thanks Novita. You've out done yourself this time!!! ����" - Taylor

Lego Land Cake

Lego movie themed cake for Iris. Decorations were hand-crafted and edible. The cake was a Dark Choc Mud with dark choc ganache. Have a very Happy 5th Birthday Cutie xo


Cars Theme Cake

Made this Cars themed cake for Hector on the weekend. Cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate smbc. Thank u Jelvie for your order and Happy 3rd Birthday Hector!

"Hector was so happy when he saw this cake. The filling is delicious. One happy customer."  - Jelvie

Cake for Lamborghini fan

This cake was requested for the queen of the house :) Actually the husband was the one who loves Lamborghini. So he thought this cake would be fun to tease her a bit :) It was Lapis Surabaya Cake.

Doraemon Cake

Doraemon was one of my favourite childhood cartoon characters. Archie love doraemon and baloons. So i thought this design was quite cute for doraemon and baloon lover :) My client was really happy with the look and taste of the cake. It made my day :))

Play School Cake

Play school themed cake for Louise who turned 1. She loves Humpty Dumpty and mummy loves Jemima :)
ps: i love
They gave me the freedom on the design. So i came up with this simple pink cake with little daisies and blossoms around it, which looked sweet for first birthday ) The cake was dark choc mud with choc ganache. Happy birthday pretty Louise xo


Peppa Pig Cake

Loved making this peppa pig themed cake for beautiful Abigail. Design was inspired by a pic from Pinterest supplied by the client. Cake was Lapis Surabaya with smbc.

"Thank you Ita. The cake is amazing. Lapis surabaya was not too sweet like I requested and I love it! Thank you��"  - Ita

Baptism Cake

This cake was made for baptism and 1st birthday of Chelsea. The parents requested a soft pink and white themed cake with teddy, booties and number 1. Love how it turned out :) inside is Dark Choc Mud with dark choc ganache.

"Thanks so much for Chelsea's cake, looked and tasted awesome!!" - Lara

Lamborghini Cake

My first attempt of making a 3D Lamborghini Cake. Honestly, making sculptured cakes is not my expertise, but i'd say i'm pretty happy with this one! It's a red velvet cake with cream cheese fillings inside.


Hundred and Thousands Cake

These cakes were requested by The Dessert Parlour, an event stylist. It was such a pleasure to work with Ngoc. The cakes were delivered to beautiful venue at Dockland.


Mushroom with Headphones Cake

These cake and cupcakes were requested by a client, who lives in Malaysia and came to Melbourne for a vacation. She requested a cake, based on the tattoo of her partner. Apparently the name of this character is Moshi Baby, which i've never seen before. Vigneesh is celebrating his 28th and these special treats are the surprise gifts from his lovely lady. So sweet :) Cake was Dark Choc Mud and cupcakes were vanilla with smbc.

"The cake and cupcakes were very very very nice. My partner was very surprised when he saw them. Thanks Novita. Everyone love the cake and cupcakes. Actually not very sweet but very delicious. Very love them :) Thanks again...very appreciated :) - Hoonming


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Hey lovelies,

It has been more than 6 months since i updated my cake pics here. The reason is because this blogspot has terrible gone wrong :( I had no idea why most of my cake photos dissappeared. Therefore i'm still in the process of restoring all the photos back again for you to see :)

Stay tune and have a lovely day :) xx

Rustic buttercream cake with edible lace butterfly

Made this cake for my church friends who celebrated their birthday in September last year. It was a coffee sponge with coffee SMBC. I love the edible lace butterfly :)

Ethan's Birthday Cake

My son turned 9 and he requested a cake with hiss figurine playing Minecrft game :) He was so happy with the cake. It was a big hit too on the instagram. The cake was Dark Choc Mud.

Plants vs Zombie Cake

Never really know how the game works, but it's quite fun to make :)  Everything is edible and inside is Dark Chocolate Mud Cake.

"Thank you so much Ita for your beautiful creation. It was a hit with the kids and the parents too. Everyone loved it and amazed with your work..." - Angela

Lego Superhero Cake

Lego Movie Cake for Charlie, who turned 7 yesterday. He's a sweet boy, who happens to be my son's little buddy at school :) Hope you have an awesome party today, because....EVERYTHING IS AWESOME :)) Cake is Dark Chocolate Mud with dark choc ganache.

 " He loved it, thanks so much Novita. We had a great afternoon tea with his cousins and he was a very happy boy. I've just sat down and had a huge piece of this amazing cake! It truly tastes as good as it looks . You are so talented and we are so blessed xo" - Lisa


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blue and White Church Anniversary Cake

Blue and White themed cake for my church 100 year anniversary. Cake flavour was Mocha Sponge with Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Little Mermaid Cake

This Under the sea cake is made for my hubby's colleague's daughter birthday. Halle is turning 6 and her birthday is the same day as her mummy, which i found very amazing! Lol... The cake is Vanilla Butter Cake with vanilla SMBC and white choc ganache. All decorations were handcrafted and edible.

'Thanks so much Novita. This cake was so amazing!! You did a fantastic job! The cake tasted awesome! Everyone loved it.' - Bridget

Lego Movie Cake

I had fun making this Lego Theme Cake. Everything was edible and of course... Everything Is Awesome :) Cake was Lapis Surabaya with SMBC

"Thank you Ita. Joshua loves the cake & so did everyone who came to the party. The kids were delighted when I let them eat the edible Lego bricks Thank you." - Junny

Repunzel Tower Cake

Made this cake sometimes ago for my lovely client's daughter. The base cake was Lapis Surabaya cake and the tower was made out of carton filled with lollies. The top part of the tower was Dark Chocolate Mud Cake and the roof were from ice cream cones.

This cake was really tall, in fact nearly 22 inch tall, so I had a central dowel as support. Although the dowel was quite thick, the cake shook a bit during the transportation. I guess next time I should use dummy for the whole tower. I was happy though, as my client told me the cake was really nice and yummy :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beer Bottle and Glass

Made this Beer Glass and Bottle birthday cake for my awesome husband. It was his birthday and our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday. He was so surprised to see this when he got home from work. He had no clue that the construction i prepared was for his birthday cake. He even helped me drill the board :) 

This is my first attempt of making a gravity defying cake and boy...what a great feeling once it was completed! Inside is a dark choc mud cake.

Thomas Train Cake

Everything was edible :) The cake was Lapis Surabaya. Yumm ...

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lace Wedding Cake in Brown Ombre with Sugar Peony

Love making this wedding cake. The lace was edible and my first attempt too in making it :) I used brown ombre coloured fondant for each tier to make it look more elegant.

Stencilled Wedding Cake with Sugar Peonies

Stencilled Wedding Cake with peonies. I used stencil for the border pattern then hand painted it to give more vibrant colour. The cake was also lustered all around with white pearl dust. Love the soft orange colour in this cake :)

Smurfs Fondant Cake

I really had fun making this Smurf Village Cake. The smurfs and all the decorations were hand crafted and edible. The client requested a mommy smurf being a black haired lady, a daddy doctor smurf wearing glasses and stethoscope, and the baby smurf holding a bottle. The mushroom house was also a cake - Dark choc Mud. The green square cake was a Green Tea cake.

"The cake's gone in no time & everyone totally loves it. Thanks very much for doing it Novita. U make me feel like today's my birthday :)" Michelle

Giggle and Hoot Fondant Cake

This Giggle and Hoot cake was inspired by Simply Cakes Melbourne. The client asked for this design for a birthday girl. So I added some flower buttons to give it a girly look :) Cake is White Chocolate Mud with white chocolate ganache.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hawks Guernsey

This cake is for the fan of Hawthorn AFL team. It was a Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese fillings.

"Novita, Thanks for the cake. It was perfect. Decoration and cake 10/10. I bake a lot myself and am fussier than the average person when it comes to cake and the cake was GOOD." -Kristine

The Wiggles Car

This is a cake for The Big Red Car fan. Everything was edible. It was a Lapis Surabaya cake with SMBC.

"We loved the cake. The decorations were amazing n the taste was so delicious. 
Cant wait for our next order. Thx." - Meiliana

Thomas Cupcakes

I made these for my son's birthday at kindy. These cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. I got these edible image toppers from the local cake decorating shop. My kid's friends were really happy to get this cupcake :)


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